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Benstein Grille is a culinary-driven food and beverage lover’s joint. This is the classic American Grille at its best. A unique dining experience with a twist: tossing quality regional and global ingredients together with the right touches of culinary creativity. The result? Pure awesomeness
    • - LET'S GET STARTED! -

    • Green Tomato & Goat Cheese Napoleon


      Fried green tomatoes layered with goat cheese,  caramelized onions, and arugula.  Topped with  balsamic glaze and shaved parmesan cheese

    • Pinconning Fondue


      Warm Michigan Pinconning cheese, served with soft pretzel sticks with a side of sweet smoky mustard sauce

    • Mozzarella Tomato Caprese


      Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, arugula, olive oil and balsamic glaze

    • Sweet & Spicy Calamari


      Flash fried with pepperoncini and tossed in Hawaiian chili sauce

    • Smoked Wings


      Dry-rubbed whole chicken wings smoked over mesquite wood

    • Crab & Shrimp Bites


      Lump crab meat and shrimp with fresh herbs served with a lemon butter dipping sauce

    • Classic Margarita Flatbread


      Fresh tomatoes, Mozzarella and basil drizzled with balsamic glaze

    • Mediterranean Flatbread


      Grilled chicken, Greek dressing, feta cheese, tomato, pepperoncini, black olives and arugula


    • Daily Soup


      Ask your server for the day's selection

    • Signature Two-Onion Soup


      Gruyere and Swiss cheese crouton nestled in a rich two-onion broth

    • Caesar Salad

      Balsamic Caesar dressing, house-made croutons, shaved Italian cheeses, with a crispy Parmesan cracker. Add chicken 3.99 • Add steak, salmon, or shrimp for 5.99

      • Entrée size 9.99 • Side 4.99
    • Cobblestone Salad


      Oven-roasted turkey, Dearborn Brand® honey ham, bleu cheese, hardboiled egg, chopped bacon, tomatoes and crispy onions served with J.L.Hudson's Co.® Maurice dressing

    • Grilled Tenderloin Steak Salad


      Romaine, kale, arugula and quinoa tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, roasted red peppers, onions and bleu cheese with sweet and smoky mustard dressing. Topped with crispy potato shoestrings

    • Grilled Salmon & Mediterranean-Style Salad


      Grilled salmon nestled on a bed of mixed greens tossed with citrus vinaigrette, served with a chilled Mediterranean-style salad

    • B.G. Signature Salad

      Mixed greens, pecans, dried cherries, carrots, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, Pinconning cheese, house-made croutons with a garlic balsamic dressing

      Add chicken 3.99 • Add steak, salmon, or shrimp for 5.99

      • Entrée size 9.99 • Side 4.99
    • Balsamic Chicken Salad


      Balsamic marinated chicken served over mixed greens tossed with fresh
      berries, red onion, tomatoes, blue cheese, and an avocado vinaigrette

    • Goat Cheese Salad


      Fried goat cheese, shaved Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, red onion, candied
      pecans, dried cherries with a citrus vinaigrette

    • Soup & Salad


      Your choice of B.G. Signature Salad or Caesar Salad with Chef's soup of the day


Most sandwiches are served with your choice of house-seasoned fries, sweet potato fries or a side of creamy veggie slaw. Gluten-free bun available upon request.

B.G. Deluxe Two Napkin Burger


8oz steak burger, American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato with B.G.'s signature sauce on a toasted brioche bun

2435 Chicken Sandwich


Grilled marinated chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, mixed greens, tomato, kalamata aioli on a toasted herb ciabatta roll

Picnic Basket Burger


Steak burger and pit-smoked brisket with brown sugar BBQ sauce, creamy veggie slaw, bleu cheese spread on a toasted brioche bun

Tenderloin Sandwich


Grilled tenderloin tips with caramelized onions tossed in a zip sauce with Pinconning cheese, lettuce and tomato served on a grilled hoagie

Wolverine Reuben


Pastrami with creamy veggie slaw, Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing on grilled rye bread Oven roasted turkey available upon request

Commerce Club


Toasted Challah bread with Dearborn Brand® ham, turkey, bacon, Swiss, Pinconning cheese, avocado, mixed greens, tomato and Kalamata aioli

Veggie Bella Panini


Grilled Portobello mushroom topped with arugula, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions and tomato with a jalapeño chimichurri sauce on a toasted herb ciabatta. Served with a chilled Mediterranean-style salad


Add Gorgonzola cheese crust to steaks or chops 2.99
Add zip sauce for .99 • Add sautéed mushrooms and onions 1.99

    • The Butchers Cut

    • Signature Filet Mignon

      Grilled to order beef tenderloin with buttermilk whipped potatoes and chef's seasonal vegetables

      • 5oz. 23.99 • 8oz. 28.99
    • Ribeye


      14oz. ribeye grilled to order with cheddar potato croquettes and chefs seasonal vegetables

    • Land and Sea


      5oz. peppercorn-crusted filet mignon paired with marinated jumbo shrimp and topped with a beurre blanc sauce.  Served with  buttermilk mashed potatoes and chef’s  seasonal vegetable

    • Cordon Bleu Chicken Stack


      Grilled chicken layered with Dearborn Brand® ham, Swiss cheese, a bleu cheese spread served with buttermilk whipped potatoes and chef’s seasonal vegetables

    • Chicken & Pork

    • Garlic Rosemary Lamb Chops


      Lamb chops grilled to order, served with zip sauce, buttermilk whipped potatoes and chef’s seasonal vegetables

    • Pit-Smoked Brisket


      Beef brisket with brown sugar BBQ sauce, served with sweet potato chorizo hash and balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts

    • Township Chicken


      Blackened chicken breasts served on a bed of cilantro-lime infused quinoa with tomatoes and corn. Topped with an avocado cream sauce

    • The Grille’s Pork Chop

      Grilled bone-in chop with an apple cider and maple bacon sauce served with sweet potato chorizo hash and chef’s seasonal vegetables Single 18.99 • Double 27.99


      Gluten free pasta and whole wheat pasta available upon request for all pasta dishes

    • Benstein Lobster Mac


      Cavatappi pasta smothered in a Pinconning cheese blend, peas and lobster meat topped with micro greens

    • Madeira Pasta


      Seared shrimp, beef tenderloin tips, tomatoes, wild mushrooms, fresh spinach and egg fettuccine pasta tossed in a Madeira wine cream sauce

    • Mystic Carbonara


      Grilled chicken, bacon, three-cheese Alfredo, arugula, red peppers tossed with cavatappi pasta

    • Sausage & Pepper Pasta


      Smoky & spicy grilled sausage tossed with homemade marinara, roasted peppers, tomatoes and caramelized onions. Served over angel hair pasta with parmesan cheese and toasted artesian bread

    • Veggie Pasta


      Angel hair pasta tossed in a pesto sauce mixed with zucchini, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. Topped with crispy potato shoestrings and shaved parmesan cheese Add chicken 3.99 • Add steak, salmon or shrimp 5.99


    • Walleye


      Pan-seared, flour dusted walleye topped with a buerre blanc sauce. Served with roasted red potatoes and chef’s seasonal vegetables

    • Shrimp 'n Grits


      Garlic-seared shrimp nestled on a bed of cheddar spicy chorizo grits, mushrooms, roasted peppers topped with an herb wine sauce and served with toasted artisan bread

    • Birkdale Crab & Shrimp Cakes


      Lump crab, shrimp mousse and lemon aoli served with house-seasoned fries and creamy veggie slaw

    • Bronzed Salmon


      Pan-seared with a brown sugar Cajun glaze served on a bed of sweet potato chorizo hash

    • Grilled Shrimp


      Roasted Garlic and Rosemary marinated jumbo shrimp skewered over a warm couscous salad with asparagus, tomato and spinach, topped with feta cheese and a lemon butter sauce

    • Seared Scallops


      Jumbo sea scallops seared medium rare with a charred pepper sauce. Served over a bed of lobster infused couscous with roasted yams, grape tomatoes, and pea tendrils